Major projects and partnering organizations

The Thomas Cosmades Foundation is supporting various projects. These are designed to

  • financially support pastors in various countries
  • support bible schools or colleges who run training courses for pastors or church leaders
  • “Helping Hands” – work among drug addicts, homeless and people with special needs
  • Support of Christian print media projects, mainly in Turkish
  • Support of desperately needy Children in India
  • train young people in computer skills in the Philippines

Learn more in detail about some of our projects:

Christian Missions Charitable Trust - CMCT India

CMCT is an organization upholding Christian values and Work for the transformation of lives in India. The Mission is to uplift the poor and needy through social services, educate the poor and provide training in an occupation to help them overcome poverty.

Ministries are:

  • Education through Bethany Nursery, Primary & Higher Secondary School
  • Health Care – Bethany Health Care Center is providing services in the areas of Chest Medicine, General Surgery, Gynecology, Pediatrics, Eye Medicine, Dentistry
  • Relief & Rehabilitation Program: Hostel & Orphanage, Free Wheel-Chair Distribution, Leprosy Rehab Project, HIV/AIDS Support, Street Children Ministry
  • Community Services: Soup Kitchen Ministry, General Distribution of Food Rations, Creche and others
  • Farming Activities to support the Tsunami Relief Project
  • Vocational Training Program: Screen Printing, Handicraft Center, Industrial Training

More information is available:

Video: >>CMCT on Vimeo

Samsun Agape Kilisese

Evangelical Baptist Church in Samsun, Turkey. Church Projects are:

  • Provide Worship Services and Bible studies
  • Jail visitation program
  • Work among prostitutes and homeless of non-Turkish origin
  • Literature distribution (New Testaments, Hymnals and Songbooks, Christian literature)

More information is available:

Computer Training Center – Mindanao, Philippines
Schulprojekt Philippinen

The Computer Training Center enables young teenagers to acquire basic computer skills and qualifies them for jobs in local businesses that these young people would not have otherwise. The training is without cost. The participants come from poor and needy families of  Muslim background. In addition to the vocational training, the students receive  teaching in Christian faith and values. Main sponsor of the project is the Evangelical Lutheran Church “Unsere Frauen” in Memmingen, Germany.

Helping Hands Athens

More than one million of Greece´s twelve million inhabitants have either a migrant background or belong to an ethnic minority group. Most of these live in Athens or neighboring areas. Among them are people from Albania, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Kurdistan, Ukraine, Philippines, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia and other lands. Helping Hands Athens, together with international volunteers as well as local Greek and ethnic Churches are assisting these people in various areas of life. Ministries are:

  • Language courses in English and Greek
  • Distribution of clothing
  • Planning and organizing camps;
  • Medical care and support services;
  • Outreach program
  • Provision of temporary shelter and showers

For more details see:

Helping Hands Video on Vimeo

Philemon Corporation, Athens, Greece

Philemon Corporation provides rehabilitation programs for drug and alcohol addicts in the wider area of Athens, Greece. In the center their staff is available 24/7. In addition to the rehab program Philemon provides basic Christian teaching.

Child Evangelism Fellowship, Greece

Child Evangelism Fellowship is a faith based ministry. Their aim is to get as many children as possible in contact with Christian faith and values. Thomas-Cosmades-Foundation is financially supporting the Greek section of this world-wide organization.
CEF has implemented different types of evangelistic programs that can easily utilized by local churches. The most renown are the “5-Day-Club” and “Good News Club”.

For more information view:

Literatur work in Turkish language

Printing of Turkish literature. Among others:

  • modern translation of the Turkish New Testament (Incil)
  • Proverbs “the secure steps of wisdom” (BiLGELiGiN  GÜVENLi  ADIMLARi)
  • Gospel of John ( Su, Ekmek, Yasam )
  • Monthly Calendar “Life” (Yasam)

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Sonstige Links

World Watch Monitor reports the story of Christians around the world under pressure for their faith. Freedom of belief is guaranteed by the UN Declaration of Human Rights, however often neglected. World Watch Monitor is concerned with reporting the underlying causes of persecution. They aim to reveal the forces behind acts of violence and injustice.

Mission for South East Europe: Emphasis of this faith based Mission Organization is to publicize the Word of God, primarily in countries of eastern and south east Europe.

The Institute of Islamic Studies is a network of scholars in Islamic Studies and is carried on by the Evangelical Alliance of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The Institute´s research focus is primarily on Islam in Europe, global development of Islamic Theology and Islamic fundamentalism. Certain publications are available as pdf-files.

Orientdienst is a faith-based German mission which focuses on presenting the Gospel to Muslim inhabitants (i.e. workers, students, homemakers ) in Germany. There are approximately four million Muslims living in Germany. The majority originate from Turkey and Kurdistan.

ERF is a Christian media company. It offers programs to young and old, Christians and non-Christians, Germans and foreigners living in Germany in their original languages. TCS offers this link especially to enhance the programs in Turkish language. A link to foreign language offers can be reached.