Thomas Cosmades Foundation

In 2010 Thomas Cosmades initiated the Thomas Cosmades Foundation a few months prior to his death. ( In more than 50-years of work as a missionary and Evangelist he had travelled to many countries on most continents. His aim was to proclaim the Gospel in word or print to as many as he could reach. On his travels he was confronted with the hungry and poor, with oppression, with many social, political and personal needs of people. Seeing these injustices he supported various projects.

The Thomas Cosmades Foundation is continuing this work in accordance with the stipulations of the founder. The foundation is a charity based on the laws concerning foundations of the land North-Rhine-Westfalia, Germany.

According to its objectives, the Foundation is concerned with the distribution of the Gospel through seminars, evangelism, conferences, print–media and audio-visual media, especially to people of the near middle east.

The Work of the foundation is concerned with the:

  • increase of poverty
  • spread of hunger in the world
  • lack of qualified education especially among children
  • discrimination against family values

The foundation is supporting a variety of projects. You will find more details under the caption Projects.